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After the model object is created, update various attributes.


# S4 method for mrgmod
update(object, ..., merge = TRUE, open = FALSE, data = NULL, strict = TRUE)

# S4 method for omegalist
update(object, y, ...)

# S4 method for sigmalist
update(object, y, ...)

# S4 method for parameter_list
update(object, .y, ...)



a model object


named items to update


logical indicating to merge (rather than replace) new and existing attributes


logical; used only when merge is TRUE and parameter list or initial conditions list is being updated; if FALSE, no new items will be added; if TRUE, the parameter list may expand.


a list of items to update; this list is combined with any items passed in via ...


if TRUE, then an error will be generated if there is attempt to update a non-existent item


another object involved in update


data to update


The updated model object is returned.


Slots that can be updated:

  • verbose

  • debug

  • preclean

  • mindt

  • digits

  • atol - absolute solver tolerance; see solversettings

  • rtol - relative solver tolerance; see solversettings

  • ss_rtol - relative tolerance when finding steady state

  • ss_atol - absolute tolerance when finding steady state

  • ixpr - see IXPR in solversettings

  • mxhnil - see MXHNIL in solversettings

  • hmin - see HMIN in solversettings

  • hmax - see HMAX in solversettings

  • maxsteps - see MXSTEP in solversettings

  • start, end, delta, add

  • tscale

  • request

  • param

  • init

  • omega

  • sigma

  • outvars

See also


if (FALSE) {
 mod <- mrgsolve::house()

 mod <- update(mod, end=120, delta=4, param=list(CL=19.1))