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Use this function if you added the @covariates or @input attributes or specified a user-defined tag (via @tag) in one or more parameter blocks and need to extract that information. Also, using the $INPUT block to declare parameters will automatically add the input tag (via @input). Once these attributes / tags are added, you can use check_data_names() to reconcile names of input data sets against tagged model parameters.





mrgsolve model object.


A data frame listing parameter names and their tags.

Model specification

Note: it is good practice to tag parameters where appropriate with input or covariates as these will automatically be expected on input data when you call check_data_names(). User-defined tags are also possible, but you will need to alert check_data_names() to look for them.


You can use the $INPUT block to add the input tag on these parameters

STUDY = 101, WT = 70, DVID = 1

Tag some covariates in the model

$PARAM @covariates
WT = 70, SEX = 1, EGFR = 110

A user-defined tag

$PARAM @tag flags
FFLAG = 1, DFLAG = 0


mod <- house()

#>   name        tag
#> 1   WT covariates
#> 2  SEX covariates