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modlib: Pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic models


See modlib_details for more detailed descriptions of parameters and compartments.

All PK/PD models include 2-compartment PK model with absorption from 2 extravascular compartments and linear + nonlinear clearance. The PK models are parameterized with CL, VC, Q, VMAX, KM, KA1 and KA2 and implement compartments EV1, EV2, CENT, PERIPH . The indirect response models have compartment RESP and the emax model has output variable RESP. PD parameters include KIN, KOUT, IC50, EC50, IMAX, EMAX, E0, and n.

Also, once the model is loaded, use see method for mrgmod to view the model code.

Model description

  • irm1 inhibition of response production

  • irm2 inhibition of response loss

  • irm3 stimulation of response production

  • irm4 stimulation of response loss

  • pd_effect effect compartment model

  • emax sigmoid emax model