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modlib: PK/PD Model parameters, compartments, and output variables


  • EV1, EV2: extravascular dosing compartments

  • CENT: central PK compartment

  • PERIPH: peripheral PK compartment

  • PERIPH2: peripheral PK compartment 2

  • RESP: response PD compartment (irm models)

Output variables

  • CP: concentration in the central compartment (CENT/VC)

  • RESP: response (emax model)

PK parameters

  • KA1, KA2: first order absorption rate constants from first and second extravascular compartment (1/time)

  • CL: clearance (volume/time)

  • VC: volume of distribution, central compartment (volume)

  • VP: volume of distribution, peripheral compartment (volume)

  • VP2: volume of distribution, peripheral compartment 2 (volume)

  • Q: intercompartmental clearance (volume/time)

  • Q2: intercompartmental clearance 2 (volume/time)

  • VMAX: maximum rate, nonlinear process (mass/time)

  • KM: Michaelis constant (mass/volume)

  • K10: elimination rate constant (1/time); CL/VC

  • K12: rate constant for transfer to peripheral compartment from central (1/time); Q/VC

  • K21: rate constant for transfer to central compartment from peripheral (1/time); Q/VP

PD parameters

  • E0: baseline effect (emax model)

  • EMAX, IMAX: maximum effect (response)

  • EC50, IC50: concentration producing 50 percent of effect (mass/volume)

  • KIN: zero-order response production rate (irm models) (response/time)

  • KOUT: first-order response elimination rate (irm models) (1/time)

  • n: sigmoidicity factor

  • KEO: rate constant for transfer to effect compartment (1/time)