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Coerce a model object to list


# S4 method for mrgmod
as.list(x, deep = FALSE, ...)



mrgmod object


if TRUE, extra information is returned (see details).


not used


If deep is TRUE, then the values for trans,advan, and mindt are returned as well as a summary of internal model functions (with a call to mrgsolve:::funset).


  • npar: number of parameters

  • neq: number of compartments or differential equations

  • pars: names of model parameters

  • covariates: names of parameters identified as covariates

  • cmt: names of model compartments

  • param: the parameter list

  • init: initial condition list

  • omega: $OMEGA matrices, as a matlist object

  • sigma: $SIGMA matrices, as a matlist object

  • fixed: named list of $FIXED values

  • model: model name

  • project: model project directory

  • soloc: directory where the model is being built

  • sodll: complete path to the model shared object

  • cfile: path for the model source code file

  • shlib: list of compilation information

  • start: simulation start time

  • end: simulation end time

  • delta: simulation time step

  • add: additional simulation times

  • capture: names of captured data items

  • request: compartments requested upon simulation

  • cmti: named indices for current output compartments

  • capturei: named indices for current output capture

  • random: names and labels of $OMEGA and $SIGMA

  • code: model source code from cfile

  • details: model details data frame

  • nm_import: a character vector listing the names of nonmem output files that were read to import estimates from a completed nonmem run

  • cpp_variables: a data frame listing variables internal to the model cpp file

  • atol: see solversettings

  • rtol: see solversettings

  • ss_atol: absolute tolerance to use when advancing to PK steady state

  • ss_rtol: relative tolerance to use when advancing to PK steady state

  • maxsteps: see solversettings

  • hmin: see solversettings

  • hmax: see solversettings

  • envir: the model environment

  • plugins: plugins invoked in the model

  • digits: number of digits to request in simulated data

  • tscale: multiplicative scalar for time in results only

  • mindt: simulation output time below which there model will assume to have not advanced

  • preclean: logical indicating to clean up compilation artifacts prior to compiling

  • debug: print debugging information during simulation run

  • verbose: print extra information during setup for model run