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modlib: HCV viral dynamics models


  • viral1: viral dynamics model with single HCV species

  • viral2: viral dynamics model with wild-type and mutant HCV species


  • s: new hepatocyte synthesis rate (cells/ml/day)

  • d: hepatocyte death rate constant (1/day)

  • p: viral production rate constant (copies/cell/day)

  • beta: new infection rate constant (ml/copy/day)

  • delta: infected cell death rate constant (1/day)

  • c: viral clearance rate constant (1/day)

  • fit: mutant virus fitness

  • N: non-target hepatocytes

  • mu: forward mutation rate

  • Tmax: maximum number of target hepatocytes (cells/ml)

  • rho: maximum hepatocyte regeneration rate (1/day)


  • T: uninfected target hepatocytes (cells/ml)

  • I: productively infected hepatocytes (cells/ml)

  • V: hepatitis C virus (copies/ml)

  • IM: mutant infected hepatocytes (cells/ml)

  • VM: mutant hepatitis C virus (copies/ml)

  • expos: exposure metric to drive pharmacodynamic model