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modlib: Target mediated disposition model



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  • KEL: elimination rate constant

  • KTP: tissue to plasma rate constant

  • KPT: plasma to tissue rate constant

  • VC: volume of distribution

  • KA1, KA2: absorption rate constants

  • KINT: internalization rate constant

  • KON: association rate constant

  • KOFF: dissociation rate constant

  • KSYN: target synthesis rate

  • KDEG: target degredation rate constant


  • CENT: unbound drug in central compartment

  • TISS: unbound drug in tissue compartment

  • REC: concentration of target

  • RC: concentration of drug-target complex

  • EV1, EV2: extravascular dosing compartments

Output variables

  • CP: unbound drug in the central compartment

  • TOTAL: total concentration of target (complexed and uncomplexed)