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The differential equation solver is a C++ translation of DLSODA from ODEPACK. The C++ translation was created by Dilawar Singh and hosted here As we understand the history of the code, Heng Li was also involved in early versions of the code written in C. There was a potentially-related project hosted here


The C++ translation by Dilawar Singh contains functions that appear to be based on BLAS and LAPACK routines. These functions have been renamed to be distinct from the respective BLAS and LAPACK function names. References are given in the section below.


The following history was recorded in the source code published by Dilawar Singh:

* This is a CPP version of the LSODA library for integration into MOOSE
* The original was aquired from
* and modified
* Heng Li <>. Heng merged several C files into one and added a
* simpler interface. [Available

* The original source code came with no license or copyright
* information. Heng Li released his modification under the MIT/X11 license. I
* maintain the same license. I have removed quite a lot of text/comments from
* this library. Please refer to the standard documentation.
* Contact: Dilawar Singh <>