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devtran.cpp File Reference
#include <string>
#include "mrgsolve.h"
#include "odeproblem.h"
#include "dataobject.h"
#include "RcppInclude.h"
#include "LSODA.h"


#define CRUMP(a)   throw Rcpp::exception(a,false)
#define REP(a)   Rcpp::Rcout << #a << std::endl;
#define nREP(a)   Rcpp::Rcout << a << std::endl;
#define say(a)   Rcpp::Rcout << a << std::endl;
#define __ALAG_POS   -1200


Rcpp::List DEVTRAN (const Rcpp::List parin, const Rcpp::NumericVector &inpar, const Rcpp::CharacterVector &parnames, const Rcpp::NumericVector &init, Rcpp::CharacterVector &cmtnames, const Rcpp::IntegerVector &capture, const Rcpp::List &funs, const Rcpp::NumericMatrix &data, const Rcpp::NumericMatrix &idata, Rcpp::NumericMatrix &OMEGA, Rcpp::NumericMatrix &SIGMA, Rcpp::Environment envir)

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#define __ALAG_POS   -1200


#define CRUMP (   a)    throw Rcpp::exception(a,false)

◆ nREP

#define nREP (   a)    Rcpp::Rcout << a << std::endl;


#define REP (   a)    Rcpp::Rcout << #a << std::endl;

◆ say

#define say (   a)    Rcpp::Rcout << a << std::endl;

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Rcpp::List DEVTRAN ( const Rcpp::List  parin,
const Rcpp::NumericVector &  inpar,
const Rcpp::CharacterVector &  parnames,
const Rcpp::NumericVector &  init,
Rcpp::CharacterVector &  cmtnames,
const Rcpp::IntegerVector &  capture,
const Rcpp::List &  funs,
const Rcpp::NumericMatrix &  data,
const Rcpp::NumericMatrix &  idata,
Rcpp::NumericMatrix &  OMEGA,
Rcpp::NumericMatrix &  SIGMA,
Rcpp::Environment  envir 

Perform a simulation run.

parinlist of data and options for the simulation
inparparameter values
parnamesparameter names
initnumeric initial values
cmtnamescompartment names
captureindices in capture vector to actually get
funslist of pointer addresses to model functions generated by getNativeSymbolInfo()
datathe main data set
idatathe idata data aset
OMEGAbetween-ID normal random effects
SIGMAwithin-ID normal random effects
envirthe model environment
list containing matrix of simulated data and a character vector of tran names that may have been carried into the output